Welcome to NEPAL (a place where you find Never Ending Peace and Love). Blessed from beautiful nature, traditional yoga cultures and highly spirited Himalayas, Nepal offers much more than you could ever imagined of. It is a land for devotees, Yogis and Sages from thousands of years. There are hundreds of Shaktipeeth (Cosmic energy centers) around Nepal and great mountains, where Yogis, Meditators and spiritual seekers goes for spiritual energy or fulfillments. It is undeniably true that Yoga and ancient spiritual practice are deeply rooted in the land of himilayas Nepal. Blessed from rich tradition it feels unbreakable peace, unconditional love and resting home for every soul in Nepal. Our inclusive packages for yoga treks offers traditional yoga and meditation training and practice along with the master of their work. With various basic to advance level of yoga asana , deeper level of understanding the transcending mediation, yogic breathings along with yoga trek in mountains of Nepal will bring your next level of understanding and peace to your life.. This experience is for those who are looking for a rich transformational journey in yoga and who are willing experience the real beauty of nature. We are pleased to offer you yoga trek with a wellness package of traditional Thai massage, intuitive oil massage, Reiki, and sound healings before, after and along with the trek. From our yoga trek and retreat you will leave with practical knowledge and tools of yoga and meditation and conscious habit to engage into your daily lifestyle. This is a collaborative effort with highly experienced and conscientious teachers and team. Our combined mission as spiritual teachers, yoga practitioners, healers and local team is to ensure you take with you a wealth of knowledge, and fun memorable experiences. Also it will benefit you to create new connections with other likeminded individuals in yoga journey with a mutual passion to improve total health for self and others. We are offering multiple short and long term packages for yoga treks . You may Choose the Package that are suitable for your days in Nepal and be ready for inner transformational journey. We can’t wait to see brothers and sisters from all over the world.
Panchase Trek
Price: $600 PP/ $1100 Couple
Trekking Highlights
1. Hike to one of the ancient Hill where Rigveda and Ayurveda was born.
2. Experiencing deep spiritual vibe and meditation huts where thousands of Enlighten masters and yogis lived and practiced.
3. Sharing walk with highly experienced yoga, meditation and spiritual teacher
4. Daily yoga and meditation morning, evening and along the hike
5. Easy to moderate trekking through eco villages of Nepal and magnificent views of Annapurna range
6. Stopping for swim, meditation and rest on waterfalls and rivers
7. Spiritual discussion and talks along the trip
8. Authentic local Nepali village life, culture, beautiful sunsets and sunrise, breathtaking landscapes, pine forests, spring rivers and waterfall
9. Local food and accommodation at tea house
10. Full body massages/reiki, sound healings upon arrival.
An ancient pilgrimage of thousands of years since Rig veda’s started, which dates back to Satya yug (an age of human kind that last 15800 divine years) Exists in Nepal is known as Panchase peak. A place where Shakti/ goddness energy is worshipped as Pancha (five) seated lotus. in the lapse of five lotuses like Himalayas.
The lotus range with spectacular view of Dhaulagiri (8.167 m), Machhapuchhre (6.997 m), Lamjung (6.983 m), Annapurna 1 (8.091 m) and Manaslu (8.163 m), gives the pshycedelic visualization of Shakti Goddnes seated and sky as her body.
In Hindu spirituality lotus is also considered holi as sense of it stays pure even above the dirty mud. Chakras are also represented by different colors of lotus and their petals. As we can say tantrikas-is and yogis used this place for their practice of siddhis (spiritual powers in yoga), awakening chakras. With the traditional practice of yoga, meditation and Samadhi, thousands of sages, yogis and hindu and Buddhist tantrakas-is (people who practice Bhairavi tantra) lived to gain spiritual fulfillments. This peak still lives alive with tantric tradition of divine Shakti (Mother Goddess, that creates the universe and fulfills us with devotion and siddis (spiritual powers) .
Hiking through Panchase peak gives us deep sense of connection to the ancient time and how our Vedic Hindu ancestors used to practice spirituality. People who are sensitive to the energy experiences trance by going on this Shakti Peeth (Goodess energy centers ). There are 52 shaktipith in mythological Puranic love story between Shiva and Sathi (Divine and his creation energy) where her body parts fell down.
This place is still worshipped as a divine goddess where thousands of hindu and Buddhist devotees gather annually around on October- November. They celebrate with rituals, wearing red , offering grains that is grown locally, as divine mother fulfills us with everything, fire ceremonies , vedic mantras etc. Beside mystical and tantric experience breathtaking landscapes, a view of spectacular mountain, forest with impenetrable Rhododendron and oak trees, panaromic sunsets and sunrise, , streams, lakes and waterfalls, eco local villages with various ethnic groups and their culture natural way of life, etc gives the best ever experience for the visitors.
The best time for all level hikers are for Panachse are from September, October, November, March, April and May. It is an easy route with an altitude of 2500m above the sea level. With four seasons of summer, winter, spring and autumn, the flora and funa keeps changing their beauty and home.
Temperature details of Panshase
Month Temperature
20-30 D’
10-25 D’
25-35 D’
Weather condition in Panchse can be unsettled on beginning and end of few months like March, May, November.
In September is normal weather between 25- 30 degree Celsius. You can hike in normal clothes, however, the top of the hill can be slightly cold. Light warm clothes are recommended.
From October to November mornings, evening and night can be cold. Temperature is around 10- 15 degree Celsius. You may need good warm clothes according to your body’s resistance to the weather.
March, April, and May are spring days with warm temperatures of 25- 35 degree celsius and occasional rainfall. This is also pick season for trekking. depends on whether cycle. On the be beginning or march mornings and evening might be mildly cold but really
Summary of the trip
Day 1 : Pick up from your Pokhara (Hotel, Bus station / Aiport )
Day 2: Pokhara- Ghatichina by bus 1 hour
Day 3: Ghatichina- Makwanpur eco- village 4-6 hours hike
Day 4: Makwanpur- Panchase 6-7 hrs hours hike
Day 5: Panchase - Australian camp 6-7 hrs hours hike
Day 6 : Australian camp – Pokhara 4-5 hrs Hike
Check our Dates for Panchase trek
Month Date
15th – 21st
1st – 6th
1st- 6th
15th – 21st
1st - 6th
1st – 6th
Program Details
Day1:Pick up from Pokhara (Hotel, Bus station / Airport )
Once you are in Pokhara city, we come to receive you at your location by 16:00 to our retreat venu. After welcoming program and introduction of the program and our team, we guide you soft relaxation yoga, pranayama meditation in the evening before dinner.
Day 3: Makwanpur – Panchase (6-7 hours walk)

On this second day of our trek we will hike through eco village of makawanpur. We will enjoy they off beaten path through rural areas and lush green forest. Our hike will be moderate with the highest point of 2500 meter. We will arrive at Bhangyang village at panchase or to the peak panchase where temple is located. It will be depending on our walk. Upon arrival and rest we will enjoy our evening with soft yoga , stretches and mediation.
Day 5 :Australian camp – Pokhara retreat center 4-5 hrs Hike
Australian camp offers outstanding view over the green villages and superb mountain view. This place is located 2-3 hours hike far from pokhara valley. On this camp we will enjoy our daily routine of yoga package and we will continue our hike to pokhara through beautiful forest trail. In this short period our body and mind will be perfectly rejuvenated to enjoy the arrival days in Pokhara . Upon arrival you will be delighted with the massages/ reiki or sound healing packages offered for your relaxation.
Day 2 - Pokhara- ghatichina (1 hour drive) - Ghatichina- Makwanpur Eco- village (3-4 hours walk)
After morning schedule of our yoga program and breakfast at your ease we start our journey for one-hour drive by local jeep/ bus to Ghatichina, from where we start our hike for our first day. After three to four hours of easy hike we arrive to Makwanpur eco village for rest. Here we will enjoy the evening with relaxation yoga and some stretches as well as group meditation along with organic fire cooked meals, local cultures and way of life .Depending on situation we arrange fire circle and other possible local programs. For next day we akeup by 5:30 and prepare ourselves for morning program. After locally grown breakfast we start our hike to destination panchase.
Day 4: Panchase - Australian camp (6-7 hrs hours hike)
We will wake up with the beautiful sunrise view of Panchase. Early morning guest may take some time to enjoy the beauty of mountain, forest and spiritual energy offered in this area. Before our morning yoga session, mediation and walking around on your own will be very peaceful for yourself. After morning session and breakfast we will take some time to enjoy the energy in this area and before 10:00 am we will be ready to walk down to Austrian Camp. On this walk we will experience refreshing hike through terraced farmland, beautiful landscapes and glorious view of himilayas.
Day 6 : Retreat Center ( Green Hill Guest House)
On this last day of the package you will be invited to join morning yoga programs, breakfast and departure drop to your location or we welcome you for further extension for other program and retreats.
Sample schedule during the trek
Time Program
5:30 AM
Wake up, herbal tea
6:00 AM – 7:30 AM
Morning activities (Yoga, Meditaion pranayama)
7:30 AM
8:00 AM
Start hike
12:00 PM - 13:00 PM
14:00 PM
Hike and day activities along the way (ie: Waterfalls, Swim, Meditation)
17:00 PM - 19:00 PM
Arrival and evening activities ( yoga, soft stretching, meditation and relaxation)
19:00 PM
Dinner and rest/ group mediation/healing with local shamans/ fire circles etc)
Trip information
Group size – Starting from minimum 2 Person.
According to the booking on our given date we will be able to start our trip with two plus people. It will be great to share spiritual journey with other people from different part of the world that existence bring us together. We will also be pleased to welcome your family trip, friend’s circles along with the group or privately as well.
What are the inclusions?
1. Pick up from pokhara airport/hotel/bus station)
2. All necessary transportation during the trek
3. Food and accommodation
4. Locally available Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
5. Highly experienced English speaking Yoga Teacher
6. 1 porter for two person
7. Yoga Matst Here
8. First Aid Kit
9. Drop to pokhara hotels, bus station, airports for departure.
What are the Exclusions?
1. Domestic/ International flight tickets
2. Visa fees, personal travel, and health insurance
3. Personal travel and health insurance
4. Personal hiking gears
5. Personal expenses during trek (snacks, bottle water, wifi charges , battery charges etc)
6. Emergency delay cost (emergency transportation in case of guest’s illness, natural disasters, political strikes etc)
Trekking Gears
Upon your own health condition, you may bring equipment on your comfort, hygiene and personal use.
Here are some recommended Gears:
1. Trekking or sports shoes
2. Trekking sticks (optional upon your stamina)
3. Lightweight hiking bag (5-8 kg).
4. Weather related clothes for yourself i.e.; Shorts sleeves, trousers, thermals, wind or water proofs, yoga clothes warm/normal, scarfs, sunhat /glass, sunblock etc.
5. Torch light, spare batteries, power bank and other personal items, light towels, bathing items
6. Pocket money for your own use. (snacks, drinks, souvenirs etc)
7. Water bottle and purifying tabs
8. Personal care items (Light Towel / Soap / Toothpaste / Toothbrush / Wet Wipes / Toilet Paper etc.)
9. Waterproof bag for spare wet clothes- in case of delays to dry.
Booking guide
Our retreat is fully confirmed and booked along the way to trek. So to Confirm your booking, you are required 25% of cost via international transfer ie Bank or western union and you have pay all the cost of trek upon arrival. For other option please let us know, our team will be ready to assist you.
Transfer Option 1- Via Bank
Bank: Nabil Bank
Account no: 5310017502337
Transfer Option 2- Via Western Union
First name: YAKRAJ
Second name: ROKAYA
County address: Nepal
Secondary Payment option:
Full payment is required upon your arrival. You may pay us in cash NPR or if you would like to pay amount in dollar or via electronic cards i.e.: visa, master cards 4% currency exchange tax will be added.
Additional information
1. We pickup you up from your hotel or your residence. Please provide pickup location details while booking.
2. Not recommended in pregnancy, heart problems or other serious medical conditions
3. Confirmation will be received at time of booking
Cancelation policy
From the guest: This will be non-refundable you must let us know two months before the program starts. You can postpone the program or join our other programs within two years.
From the Organizer: The program will not be cancelled once it is confirmed beside outer conditions ie: pandemic, natural disaster, political issues, strikes/war. On any of those conditions we may postpone the program or advise to join other programs.
Advertising Policy
For our memories and advertising purposes such as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content, we may take photographs/videos of yours during the program without your permission.