Our team

Ishwor Gautam(Operation)

Ishwor has been working within eco social tourism now in Pokhara Nepal now for 6 years. As a native of Pokhara, he is passionate about cultivating and maintaining a strong yogic and spiritual culture here in Pokhara. He excels in his ability to collaborate with both the local community and foreign visitors in organizing enriching and life enhancing retreats to create memorable events that feed the spirit for a lifetime.

Avishek Gaur (Instructor)
Namastey! My name is Abhishek, I am a yogi by lifestyle, a yoga teacher by profession and a singer by heart. My life has always been challenging, but as an accepting and calm personality, I kept burrying my emotions and feelings deep inside my mind, until a final breakdown happened when my father died due to a heart attack. I was unable to process the emotion of losing someone and that’s when I decided to leave home and do something to fix this emotion. Luckily, I stumbled upon yoga which completely changed my life. Everybody knows that yoga makes you healthy but very less people get to experience the actually transformation through yoga. However, this transformation that happened because of yogic practices inspired me to complete a 700 hours of yoga teacher training course, so that I can offer this gift to the people in need.


Raj Karmayogi(Instructor/Program co-ordinator)
He Born in the western part of the mountain region of Nepal next to Lumbini district, the birthplace of Buddha Raj grew up in a natural and simple village life. He was peaceful by nature since childhood but he had also an intense curiosity about the mystery of life and the beings around him. He found himself spiritually inclined when he used to spend sleepless nights just hearing a kind of humming sound in his ears and heart area at the age of thirteen. Since then started spending some time in solitude, understanding his nature, reading spiritual Books, scriptures, and biographies of enlightened Sages. Later on, it became a source of his inspiration and he started to implement what he was reading. He became his own guide for meditation, yoga, and spiritual life and has been on the journey of self-realization. At the age of twenty Raj got a chance to go to university in Thailand for four years. Along with studying in the Liberal arts faculty, he learned Thai massage and worked as a Thai massage therapist for five years. He realized that traditional Thai massage was very helpful for meditation and natural way of healing. After completing his study decided to come back to Nepal and Became a certified Yoga teacher . He developed healing art of Thai massage along with yoga and other natural healings and share to the people. With more than nine years of dedicated training and practice Raj started karmayogi wellness and school in pokhara, from where he shares and offers programs related to in Yoga, meditation, massages and other healings.
Govinda and Savitri(Retreat Host)
Govinda and Savitri have been passionate about sharing Nepali culture through their involvement in tourism which began 6 years ago. Prior to that they were farmers and Savitri was also employed as an elementary school teacher for 22 years. They began hosting foreign friends years before they had Greenhills guesthouse. They have gained popularity through their unparalleled hospitality, delightful home cooked healthful meals and charming engagement with the guests. They enjoy sharing local culture and spirituality and are devoted to promote yogic culture in this community.
Bijay( Sound Healer)
Bijay has been working in the engineering and construction field for the last 10 years and also a dedicated yoga practitioner. Additionally, he is a certified sound healer who resonates with this powerful healing modality. He is very conscious about creating a life that feels very simple and peaceful. Spirituality and music are two passions that enrich his life.